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Our time on this big blue marble is limited so it’s important to live your dreams.  Now realistically, we can’t live most of them out because life does get in the way.  Dreams are measured to varying degrees but some of the small ones are attainable and when the opportunity arises that you can make other's dreams come true, you have to take it.

Being an employee of a radio station isn't rocket science but it is special and can be mysterious and dare I say magical.  One of the perks of my position is being able to help some of our listeners live out one of their dreams.  Yes, being a radio jock is one of those jobs that most people would admit they would love to do.  So Last year I developed a concept called the 12 Days of Grizzmas as our annual promotion on 105.9 KZZK, The Grizz.  This would award 12 lucky listeners of the station the chance to be an on-air jock for a lunch hour selecting the music from the library and hanging out with the Original Grizzlies.

In its inaugural year the promotion was a smashing hit with the listening audience and proved to be a humbling and rewarding experience for us as well.  It made us realize the power of what we do and the emotional ties that we can and do create with our listeners by simply doing our job.

With that in mind we launched the 2nd Annual 12 Days of Grizzmas, along with our sponsor Outdoor Power, and we expected similar experiences to what we had the year before but we were absolutely blown away by this year’s winners.  We chose from a pool of over 1,000 entrants with 3 women and 9 men winning the prize.  They came from all ages and all economic and educational backgrounds but the one thing they had in common was their love for rock music.  But there was this one listener; you know there is one in every bunch, who wanted to step it up a notch.  His name was Jamin Jackson and he very tentatively asked if he could use his one hour air-shift to propose to his longtime girlfriend.  Of course, I jumped at the chance because "Yeah Love”, but first I wanted to find out why he wanted to do this.  His answer was short yet very heart felt.  He wanted to do something special that no one else could do and use their favorite radio station to do it.  So with a little planning and some stellar ninja skills on our part we pulled off this grand romantic gesture and set these two up on their life's journey.  I would be remiss if I didn't mention that you can watch it on You-Tube but a heads up you will tear up. 

There are so many times that we all just go about our daily routine and forget that we as humans can impact each other in such positive ways that can greatly change their life.  As a testament to this 11 of the 12 participants from last year entered again.  They said it was the experience of a lifetime.  So often we here at the station get lost in the grind and forget about what a positive impact we can make in helping others follow their dreams. 

Without the power of radio we would lose our emotions.  Ultimately music is what feelings sound like and who wouldn't want to be part of that?  So to Tanya Redner, Aaron Coffman, Roger Hokamp, Eric Dochterman, Bryan Boden, Nakia Bowen, Scott Miller, Melanie Carper, Jamin Jackson, Phil Meany, Randy Loscher & Scott Harmann THANK YOU for letting us get to know you and for making us laugh and remember what is like to help other's fulfill their dream.  It may seem small to us but to them, it means a check off of their bucket list. 

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