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 Less that two weeks before the OGs hit ther hiway to Rock On The Range in Columbus Ohio. Sitting here in the Grizz office I can feel the preconcert energy already building inside of me. Having worked concerts, concert production and of course in the media there is a certain aura around the big shows that permeate around all big stagings. It is a feeling that one can feel, smell and taste at all big live events. For me it is electric for this one.

 Heather and I will do our best to keep Grizzlies updated on all the goings on at the festival site, in the media tent, in the bars and of course on stage. And while speaking of that a big tip of the Grizzlie hat to Heather for all her hard work on the Birthday Bash and ROR Promotion. While our media market ranking is not very high our listenership and promotions participation is in fact pretty darn staggering. It is something all KZZK staff members do not take lightly, and why we constantly work to get those great show tickets. Heather succeeded in getting us Major Market credentials at this national festival so we can bring it back to you. A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT.  Also a big thanks to our Sale GM Brenda for all her work behind the scenes and her diligience in dotting all the I’s and crossing T’s. None of it happened without her support and belief in what we do

 Time to talk some new tunes, and at the top the new Red Hot Chili Peppers (going to be at ROR) and their super new track Dark Necessitites. I am always hoping for another great hook for these masters of their art……and they have delivered big time. We had immediate response on Social Media and at our 20th Birthday Bash. As the weather gets more spring like having a new song form RHCP makes for smiles and miles of living here by the banks of the Mississippi River. Cannot wait to enjoy the full disc this summer

 The new Sixx A.M. disc is out and while the first of two new studio releases planned for this year,  Prayers For The Damned is another fine addition to the legacy of Nikki Sixx. Nikki just plain writes great hooks and the chemistry between the trio is evident throughout the entire CD.  DJ’s guitar work is fluent throughout and James wraps his stylish vocals around some timely lyrics. It is a very impressive release and getting repeated airplay in my player

 Finally how great is it for all us Classic Rockers to have new tunes from our legions of favorites we grew up with, Cheap Trick, Santana, RHCP, Def Leppard all have super new studio releases out, and now on the brink of a new Stones and a DeepPurple. Rock is indeed alive and well and with the fresh input of great newer acts like Red Sun Rising, Pop Evil, Asking Alexandria, Shinedown and TFS it only adds to the fact that if you travel the higways of the Midwest, you will Rock on the Grizz.

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