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My Eternal Thanks as we close out 2017!

It seems perfectly natural that when the end of a year approaches you take a moment and reflect on the past year’s events.  This is usually the case for me and I am sure at some point I will do just that and relay my pearls of wisdom but for now I am reflecting on what I deem a life changing event.  A few weeks ago we were all gathered up in the lobby and given some news that shook our foundation.  Our General Manager of 19+ years, Mike Moyers announced his retirement at the end of 2017.  Most people reading this think Congratulations to him, and indeed that is true but the relationship we all have with him goes way beyond a business acquaintance.  Most of the people who have worked at Staradio will have a personal story on how Mike helped them, so I would like to share with all of you reading this my thoughts about Mike Moyers and for that I will start at the beginning.  When I first started my radio career in 1996 I was a fresh eyed, newbie to the radio industry and was eager to do anything that was directed for me to do.  I worked with morning shows, answered phones, helped sales people and did a nightly show on KZZK.  Through all of this I got to learn so much from all aspects of the industry and that’s when I met Mike.  He was at one time an competitor from across the street until we merged and I instantly liked him because it seemed he had the same piss and vinegar running in his veins that I had.  We didn’t spend much time together because I moved to a bigger market after graduation but as I left he said to me “Kid if you ever need a job, you have one here”.  At the time I thought it was a nice gesture and nothing more.  Then flash forward almost 17 years later, I was struggling at my job that I hated wishing that I could just get back to doing what I loved, radio.  Now for your non-industry types once you get out of the media business it’s very difficult after a long span to get back in, so my dreams were very distant and virtually non-existent.  Then one day I had enough and sent off an email to a blind ad for an assistant position in a media company.  A day or two passed then I got this email that said, “Is this is the Heather Brown that worked here in the 90’s? Signed Mike Moyers” My heart skipped a little because I remembered what he had said to me all those years ago, and he then asked me to come in.  I walked into that door and instantly felt I was home, after all the successes and many failures I had returned to my starting place (cue the Elton John song).  I saw Mike and it was like all those years that passed didn’t matter and he said he would see what he could do and in fact before I got home I had an email from him with a job offer.  That moment changed my life.  I was completely miserable, and life was hard and now suddenly this man offers me the chance to return to being myself.  I was honored, terrified and totally confused why someone would hire me back who hadn’t touched a microphone in 17 years, but I walked through that door again because Mike Moyers believed in me.  He had no reason too, but he did, and I will forever be grateful to him for giving me my self-identity back.  I am not sure how I will react once I don’t see his smile lighting up my office in the morning and me making some smart-ass remark back.  And I was trying to think what I could give him to show my appreciation and there isn’t a price on what he gave me.  He gave me back my creativity, my craft, my passion, my destiny and all I can do in return is thank him.  I am not an emotional person in public, but my heart is breaking for selfish reasons and I am going to miss him terribly.  I truly believe that in your life you have certain guardian angels who watch after you and he may be one of mine.  So, to the man, the myth, the legend and my saving grace Michael Moyers, THANK YOU for allowing me to be me.  I will not try to cry, but laugh and cherish that it happened. All my love and best wishes for your next chapter,Bossman. --Heather

From my wedding in 2015 Mike Moyers, Me & Paul Ericson


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